Win 1 year of free make-up!

To celebrate the beginning of summer 2B is giving away 1 year of free make-up and 20 giftboxes. When we think of summer we think of hot weather, cold drinks, darker skin... but also of great festivals and concerts! So post your festival/concert look and maybe you'll win 1 year of free make-up.

Step by step:

1. Find us on Facebook Twitter or Instagram @2B_eu

2. Take a selfie showing your festival/concert look and publicly post it on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

3. Tag 2BCosmetics or 2B_eu, use the hashtag #2BME and also tag some of your friends so they can post their look too!

4. Win! The girls with the most creative looks will win!


The contest ends on July 15th.





Win a Milano

July 2, 2012 - Antwerp: At Kruidvat, customers had the chance to win one of the six Milano scooters made by Razzo. The only thing they had to do to enter this contest was buying one of their favorite 2B products. These are the winners! Click here to see the pictures.



2B Battle of the Bars

Mai 23, 2012 - Leuven: On Mai 23, all students were welcome at 2B Battle of the Bars. This was a festival to celebrate the end of the school year. At 2B Battle of the Bars, students could enjoy music and especially a concert of Kraantje Pappie. Every bar was linked to a unique playlist. Students had to vote for their favorite bar. The bar with the most votes, won the contest. 2B was there to take care of all the girls. Girls recieved a free make up session and they could take place at our professional nail bar. Once ready, a photographer registered the beautiful result. Photography: Herman Docx.

Click here for the pictures of this wonderful event.