2B is fun & colour and colours are instant happy makers. That’s why 2B is so much fun to experiment with. You simply can not resist our budget friendly products. More than 100 different colours of nail polish, facial products that will give you a nice and soft skin and a wide range of colours in eye pencils, mascara’s & lipsticks. You will simply can not get enough! With its 20 years of experience in make up products, 2B has grown into a strong make up brand with hundreds of quality products. All of the products are made in France or other countries in Europe. Not only is quality a main priority, innovation is also important. Products are constantly updated and 2B is continuously looking for new must haves!





2B is for everyone who likes colour and fun in their lives. 2B is very budget friendly. This means that you have the possibility to experiment with a lot of different irresistible colours and delicious textures. 2B will seduce you!









Find 2B in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. In Belgium, 2B is for sale at Kruidvat, Di, Dreamland, Carrefour, Colruyt, Inno, Lediscount, Cora and Suprabazar. In the Netherlands, 2B is for sale at many independent groceries. Parashop is the place to be in France.